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breast augmentation

Breast augmentation (enlargement) or implants are an option for women dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, when the breasts do not form properly and in some cases of asymmetary.

Click here for detailed information about breast augmentation and implants.

Mr Davis does breast augmentation for a fixed price. Please either email or phone us for the current fixed price and to be sent more detailed information about breast augmentation. If you are having this surgery, you should ensure that the highest quality implants are used. Mr Davis uses implants manufactured in the UK with Form Stable cohesive silicone that feel and look very natural. They have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer for rupture and severe capsular contracture (download details here).

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before breast augmentation after  breast augmentation
before breast implants after  breast implants
before breast augmentation
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before breast implants after  breast implants
before breast enlargement

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before breast enlargement

after  breast enlargements


Plastic surgeons perform breast surgery for reconstruction following cancer surgery, to correct congenital deformity and for the reduction of large breasts. In each case the desired objective is an aesthetic breast mound proportional and appropriate for the physique of the patient.

The same principles apply to breast augmentation or enlargement. There are many decisions to be made before breast augmentation and the appropriate choices vary between patients. Below is a summary of my own personal philosophy.

Implant size
An estimate of the appropriate volume can be made by measurements of the breast base and adjustments made according to the “look” wanted.

Most of my patients want a natural look so that people cannot tell they have had breast enlargement surgery or implants. I think it important to have a size that in proportion with the patient.

If the breast implants are too large or incorrectly positioned they will look unnatural and there will be more gravitational effects and stretching of the breast envelope over time.

At the consultation a range of implants within the appropriate size range are trialled within a surgical bra. When coming to a consultation please bring a top that fits closely to your chest and covers up to the base of your neck.

Implant fill
I use implants filled with a cohesive silicone gel. Reports during the 1980s that silicone may be linked to breast cancer or connective tissue diseases have now been conclusively shown to be incorrect.

This literature involving many thousands of women is now available. Silicone is used widely in many implantable medical devices such as Hickman lines for chemotherapy.

Saline implants can feel like a bag of water and slosh around. The outer shell is still made of silicone. Old silicone implants had an internal consistency like treacle and could therefore leak if they ruptured.

Modern silicone implants have a consistency like rubber and do not leak even if the outer shell ruptures. The implants I use are 85-90% filled. Decreased fill increases the risk of wrinkles whilst an increased fill can look and feel unnatural in some women.

Outer texture
Implants can have a smooth or textured surface. I use a textured surface because this distributes the vectors of overlying scar tissue and lessens the chance of a capsular contracture (see under complications)

The two main shapes are round or anatomical. In more than 90% of cases I use a round implant. I use an anatomical implant in women who have a very thin medial upper pole so that the implant outline cannot be seen when they are wearing a low cut dress.

The modern round implants are very soft and form an anatomical shape when they are upright. In most women there is sufficient subcutaneous tissue in the medial upper pole for implants to remain unnoticed. Round implants are significantly cheaper than anatomical implants. This is a joint decision and I will use whichever implant a patient prefers most.

Above or below muscle
I put more than 80% of breast implants in the subglandular position above the muscle. I reserve the submuscular position for those women who have a very thin upper pole.

The breast implant can only be partially placed below muscle and the muscle thins out and becomes relatively deactivated with time. The risk of postoperative pain and bleeding is increased with submuscular placement. Cavity bleeding increases the risk of capsular contracture. Submuscular implants may move abnormally during muscle contraction with normal exercise.

I usually use a submammary incision below the breast during my breast augmentation surgery. This cannot usually be seen when viewed undressed from the front. The average incision length is four cm (for up to 350cc implants). If the implant ever needed to be changed this same incision would be used even if another incision had been used initially. This incision gives the best view of the implant pocket to stop any bleeding.

The periareolar incision is acceptable for breast implants less than 300cc. However some breast ducts must be cut during insertion which could affect breast feeding and I worry about bacteria within the superficial ducts contaminating the implant.

The axillary incision was popular in the US for a long time but the incision can be seen with sleeveless dresses.

The first 24 hours after breast implant surgery are the most uncomfortable. A dull ache is normal and is well controlled by oral analgesics.

You are able to shower the next day. The foam tape may be removed after day five and the breasts supported with a well fitting sports bra. Avoid bras with an under wire.

It is possible to return to office jobs after two to three days but a longer break is more sensible.

Strenuous exercise, gym work, heavy lifting and vigorous driving should be avoided for at least three weeks.

Sutures dissolve by themselves and the incision should be taped for three weeks

Smoking is strictly prohibited during healing. A supporting bra helps maintain optimal breast skin long term.

Mr Davis will cover these risks and others in your consultation about your breast augmentation.

Infection, pain, bleeding Can happen in any surgical procedure.
Poor scar Very uncommon for a scar beneath breast.
Numbness Usually temporary but occasionally patches can be permanent.
Asymmetry Some pre-existing breast asymmetry is normal. Any asymmetry postoperatively should be minor. The implant may move after insertion.
Capsular contracture 1:20 may develop a capsular contracture. Correction may require a further procedure.
Skin ripples Surface rippling on the implant may be seen through skin.
Implant extrusion Possible after severe infection or radiotherapy.
Implant rupture Possible after trauma or mammography.

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